Publication Policy

The website allows its valued visitors to comment and interact with what is published on it without the need to register, according to the following controls:

All comments are reviewed by the site administration before being published on the site.
The site administration strongly encourages the use of all languages ​​in the comments, and also encourages the use of real names in the comments instead of nicknames.

Comments that include personal insults, indecent words, or those that are out of public morals in general, and offensive to the divine and the heavenly religions are rejected.

The purpose of the comments service is to provide the possibility to interact with the content published on the site, so it is prohibited to use it for anything other than this purpose, such as advertising.

The delay in posting some comments does not mean their final rejection, it may be due to technical reasons or the comment is under review.

The site administration has the right to close comments on any of the published topics if the comments go outside the permissible framework and depart from the general atmosphere of purposeful discussion.

From the bigpapii team